A man working on a tablet computer, with light trail images coming off the screen

A reputable stocktaking company in Herne Bay

Stock audit in progress

Accurate stock audit

With over 20 years of experience, Accur-8 Associates offers instant and accurate stocktaking and stock auditing services to the licensed trade in Herne Bay and the surrounding areas.
Mail: info@accur-8.co.uk
Phone: 0800 915 8305
Hand-held stock control equipment in use

any type of business

Our team of highly qualified and experienced licensed trade stocktakers use innovative methods and latest technology to create instant and accurate stock control results.
A row of striped tops on hangers

A diverse client base

Our varied client base includes retail stores supplying clothing, electrical goods, stationery, pets, hardware, art and crafts, toys and sports goods, newsagents and garden centres.
For carefully managed stocktaking and stock auditing services in Herne Bay
and the surrounding areas, call Accur-8 Associates on
0800 915 8305 or 07912 650 744
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